Protecting Creditors’ Rights To Payment

Creditors have rights. At O'Connor and Associates, we will help you protect your financial interests and collect the money you are owed.

Our firm represents creditors during every stage of the collection process, from prelitigation collection actions to obtaining court judgments and post-judgment collection, including representation during bankruptcy proceedings.

Enforcing Judgments

Collecting debts can be a challenge — even after obtaining a judgment. At O'Connor and Associates, we will help you collect the debts you are owed. Our attorneys use a variety of tested and creative debt collection strategies, including:

  • Wage garnishments and earnings withholdings
  • Charging orders and assignment orders
  • Bank and property levies, and foreclosures
  • Keepers actions and appointment of receivers
  • Fraudulent transfer lawsuits

Representing Creditors During Bankruptcy Proceedings

Bankruptcy often involves numerous parties with competing interests. Having a lawyer who is experienced in both negotiation and litigation is paramount. Our attorneys have successfully helped individual and business creditors protect their right to payment during adversary proceedings, reorganization and Chapter 13 plan confirmation disputes, relief from automatic stay motions, and reaffirmation agreements.

We Will Help You Collect What You Are Owed

For assistance with debt collection, or representation during bankruptcy proceedings, contact our San Francisco law office today. Call 415-693-9960 to schedule a consultation.