O'Connor and Associates

A boutique law firm based in San Francisco, offers superior legal services, as well as highly regarded expert witness and consultancy services.

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals, partnerships, and companies of all sizes, in transactions and litigation, whether as plaintiffs or defendants, in federal and state court, before arbitration tribunals, and in other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) forums.

At O’Connor and Associates, we aggressively and innovatively represent our clients in an efficient and cost-effective way. We are also keenly aware that litigation is a means, not an end, to achieve our clients’ legal, business, or personal objectives. As a result, we do more than simply advise clients on issues as they arise – we work to fully understand our clients’ concerns and goals so that we can provide quality legal counsel on issues before they become problems.

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Voted the Nation’s Top Attorney Fee Expert by The National Association of Legal Fee Analysis (NALFA), a nonprofit professional association dedicated to the analysis of attorney fees and legal billing issues, for the last three years, John O’Connor provides both attorney fee expert witness and consultancy services, as well attorney fee litigation services, representing both law firms and clients in attorney fee disputes.

Mr. O’Connor’s expertise covers a broad range of attorney fee issues, including, but not limited to, Lodestar analysis, reasonable hourly billing rates, reasonable hours billed, litigation efficiency, and entitlement to attorney fees. Mr. O’Connor can work to certify and defend a client’s billing to ensure they receive their just compensation, or attack billings to fight for a reduction in attorney fees.

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