O’Connor and Associates is a San Francisco-based, boutique law firm specializing in commercial, intellectual property, and real estate matters, as well as litigation and expert consultancy services in a broad range of attorney fee issues, including billing rates and litigation efficiency. Our litigators have extensive experience representing individuals, partnerships, and companies of all sizes, whether as plaintiffs or defendants, in federal and state court, before arbitration tribunals, and in other dispute resolution forums.

At O’Connor and Associates, we aggressively and innovatively represent our clients in an efficient and cost-effective way. We are also keenly aware that litigation is a means, not an end, to achieve our clients’ legal, business, or personal objectives. As a result, we do more than simply advise clients on issues as they arise – we work to fully understand our clients’ concerns and goals so that we can provide quality legal counsel on issues before they become problems.

As our representative matters illustrate, our litigators are practical, smart, and tough. We are prepared to guide you or your business from the outset of a dispute through trial and any appeal.