About Us

In working with O'Connor and Associates of San Francisco, California, you can be assured that you are employing experienced counsel, staffed to meet the particular needs of your case. We intentionally have designed a small “boutique” firm, because of the flexibility and nimbleness it allows us in protecting our clients’ interests.

Our firm is justifiably well-regarded for its record of excellence in trial practice and procedure. Our extensive trial and litigation experience allows us both to shape your case to achieve the best outcome and to project the likely range of outcomes.

Protecting Your Interests In Business, Commercial And Legal Matters

O'Connor and Associates lawyers are strongly competent across a wide spectrum of matters involving commercial and business tort litigation. We analyze the unique circumstances of each case, developing a litigation plan that best serves that particular client. We structure litigation strategies, counsel assignment and task selection to achieve the goals upon which the firm and client jointly agree.

We provide clients with a realistic expectation and a focused projection of likely success. Not only are clients well-prepared for the ensuing legal proceedings, but they also are able to gauge the likelihood of success as the litigation progresses. We continue to adjust expectations as the litigation proceeds.

We have a passion for defending the rights of companies, small businesses and individuals with substantial business interests. Lawyers throughout our group share this commitment, and we will fight to defend the interests and assets of your business or venture.

We Can Be Your Legal Advocates

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