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O'Connor Expert Witness CV

Attorney John O'Connor provides attorney fee expert witness and consultancy services, as well as attorney fee litigation services, representing both law firms and clients in attorney fee litigation and alternative dispute resolution throughout the country. His work in this regard has been widely lauded by clients, lawyers, courts, and arbitrators.

Attorney fee disputes can involve many contexts and often arise in insurance litigation settings, as well as large business cases. Regardless of the context, Mr. O’Connor can work to certify and defend a client’s billing to ensure they receive their just compensation, or attack billings to fight for a reduction in attorney fees. Mr. O’Connor’s expertise covers a broad range of attorney fee issues, including:

  • Lodestar analysis, including reasonable hourly rate, reasonable hour, and multiplier or fee enhancement analysis;
  • State and federal fee-shifting statutes;
  • Contractual attorney fee clauses;
  • Availability of CCP §1021.5 Private Attorney General attorney fees, including "catalyst" theory analysis;
  • Litigation efficiency, including task assignment, staffing, duplication of work;
  • Litigation success and prevailing party analysis;
  • Class Action attorney fee;
  • Attorney fee award appeals;
  • Anti-SLAPP motion prevailing party attorney fee awards;
  • Appellate attorney fees;
  • Contingency fee agreements;
  • Quantum Meruit analysis for judgment subject to multiple contingent fee agreements (e.g., due to substitution of attorney)
  • Brandt fees
  • Buss fees
  • Insurance Carrier Billing Guideline analysis
  • Coverage Counsel invoice review
  • Block billing and description of service analysis
  • CCP §998 Settlement Offer analysis

John O'Connor has more than 40 years of experience dealing with complex attorney fee disputes. He is a member of the National Association of Legal Fee Analysis (NALFA) and has been recognized as "Nation’s top Attorney Fee Expert" by NAFLA from 2017 through 2019. He travels throughout the country representing clients as an expert witness.

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